About BioGas Analysis

So What is BioGas?

Biogas is gas  produced when organic matter decomposes in the absence of oxygen in a process called anaerobic digestion. The gas is formed from the digestion of organic waste materials such as sewage sludge, manure, landfill and other biomass such waste food and crops.

What Gases are Produced with anaerobic digestion of BioGas?

Typically high in methane (CH4) at around 60% and CO2 at approx 40% with other trace elements such as Oxygen (O2), and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). – levels vary from process to process.

As the gas is rich in Methane (CH4) it is frequently burnt in engines to produce both heat and electrical power.

So why measure the BioGas makeup with a BioGas analyser?

Oxygen O2 – An important process indicator . The biogas ananlyser measuring Oxygen  ensures your not producing an inefficient or EXPLOSIVE mixtures of gases. High levels of O2 can indicate the loss of microbial activity effective poisoning of the anaerobic digester.

Hydrogen Sulphide H2S - Highly Corrosive gas. The Biogas analyser measuring H2S will measure and help keep levels of H2S low as high levels of H2S and condense and form sulphuric acid potentially resulting in high operational and maintenance costs.

Methane CH4 - Essential Measurement A biogas analyser measuring CH4 is essential and maximises the % of CH4 produced and Keeps levels to the combustion process requirements.

Carbon Dioxide CO2 - An important process indicator. A biogas analyser measuring CO2  ensures your digestion is efficient. A High CO2 could indicate a drop in the quality of the fuel being produced.

Solution to all these issues, install a BioGas Analyser.


Biogas Analyser - SWG 200 Bio Gas